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Monday, 29 February 2016

Banner Advertising & Traffic Exchange Sites To Promote Your Faucet Links

I have found that advertising banner ads on traffic exchange sites a great way to get faucet referrals as most traffic exchange sites have thousands of members surfing each day which gives your banner/s a high amount of exposure.
What I tend to do is surf for the credits but not to use them to advertise the bitcoin faucet, but to spend the credits on banner credits which with some traffic exchange sites give you a certain amount of banner impressions for 1 website credit.I believe this gives you more value for your credits.

The ways you can get banner advertising credits is to surf and earn credits which in turn you convert into banner credits/impressions or you can purchase credits which most of the time are a cheap way to promote your banner ads.

The success you get from traffic exchange sites is from working hard and your faucet/s referrals will grow.Remember that your success in any opportunity (in this case faucets), that you are apart of will depend on your work you put into it.Another key to success is to stay focused and 100% committed to what faucets you are involved in.


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