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Thursday, 31 March 2016


TopMine (Mining Crypto Currencies)

Start mining Bitcoin,Litecoin and Dogecoin for free with TopMine without the expensive equipment.You can also add funds using Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dogecoin,Payeer and Perfect Money to help speed up the mining process.

Fast Payouts

Payments are made instantly after submitting a withdrawal request.

Affiliate Program

You will receive 12% for bringing in people.

I suggest you start for free as I'm all about earning Bitcoins and Altcoins for free online and if you like what you see and feel you can trust this program you can put in some funds.A little tip for people and that is that you can use funds you earned with faucets so then you are risk free if the program stops paying.And please with all these types of programs only put in what you can afford to loose.

Join Here

Monday, 28 March 2016

Bitcoin Payments

Payments for the past week

Bonus Bitcoin - Payment

Bitcoin Aliens Faucets - Payment

MoonBitcoin - Payment

FieldBitcoins - Payment

FreeBitcoin - Payment

WeatherXcoin - Payment

BitcoinZebra - Payment

BoxBitcoin - Payment

Total Earned: $2.11

If anyone is interested in joining any of these faucet,I have listed all of them on this blog. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Over $30 Made In Bonus Bitcoin

Over $30 From Bonus Bitcoin

I have just crossed $30 made in Bonus Bitcoin in just over 3 months which isn't too bad for a faucet.This is my best Bitcoin faucet by a long shot and continues to pay me each and every week when I make a withdrawal.I withdraw around every 5 days because I like to get the 2% withdrawal bonus when you withdraw more then 100,000 satoshi. My average withdrawal every 5 days is just over 200,000 satoshi which I think is quite good for a faucet.

Bonus Bitcoin Payment Proofs

I post all my payment proofs from my top preforming faucets on my portfolio over at Passive Earner which helps me keep track of all my faucet earnings.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Faucet Payments Proofs For The Week

My total faucet payments from the past week!

Bitcoin Aliens Faucets - Payment

WeatherXcoin - Payment 

Bonus Bitcoin - Payment

Moon Bitcoin - Payment

I'm just waiting on FieldBitcoins,BoxBit and FreeBitco.in which they normally pay on Sundays.

Ethfree24 Ether Faucet

I have come across another Ether faucet in which you can claim free Ether every 10 minutes.

Ethfree24 - You can claim 0.00000950 to 0.03 Ether.Collects on site and payments are made once you reach the minimum of 0.05 Ether.

If you are new to Ether and don't have a wallet? I have found this wallet to be the best so far. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

New 5 Minute Bitcoin Faucet - Faucet House

It's been a while since my last post as I have been on the search for some more faucets and have come across Faucet House which is a 5 minute timer Bitcoin faucet.

Faucet House - Claim from 73 - 1367021 satoshi.Collects on site and once you reach 10,000 satoshi a withdrawal button will appear for you to withdraw to your wallet within 24 hours.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Payments From Bitcoin Aliens Faucets

It's that time of the week where the Bitcoin Aliens team do there payment run and for me this week it was a pretty good week earning just over 350,000 satoshi from all three faucets.

Payment Proofs:

Alien Faucet


Weekend Bitcoins

Each week I post my payment proofs on my portfolio over at Passive Earner as it helps me keep track on how much I have made for each faucet.I also use Passive Earner to promote and advertise my best faucets which helps me get referrals.

My Portfolio

Monday, 7 March 2016

Two More New Ethereum Faucets

Ethereum is really starting to take off now and each week we are seeing new Ethereum (Ether) faucets pop up.Today another two Ethereum faucets were created for us to earn free Ether from.Both have 10 minute timers which is about the average for Ethereum faucets.

Freeeth - Collects on site, you can claim 7880 Gwei - 52564850 Gwei and minimum cash out is 0.0008 Ether.

Eth-faucet - Collects on site. You can claim 0.00000497 - 0.0281799 Ether and minimum cash out is 0.1 Ether.

I think the first faucet is best as the cash out limit is easier to reach then the second faucet but they all add up in the end.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

New 5 Minute Bitcoin Faucet

I have been testing this new Bitcoin faucet for a while now and I can say that we can trust this faucet as it's the same owner as SunBTC and Chronoxcoin which have been paying for many months now.So I highly recommend adding this one to your list of Bitcoin faucets.

WeatherXcoin - Collects on site. This is a unique faucet in which it depends on the temperature in a random city around the world.The lower the temperature the lower the time limit to claim.Maximum timer is at 5 minutes.Daily 10% bonus on claims made that day plus an hourly bonus and a claim bonus.This faucet has it all.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Best Ethereum (Ether) Faucets

Best Two Ethereum Faucets

I have been testing a few Ethereum faucets and I have found two of them to be the best Ethereum faucets out there right now.Both have good claim rates and a reasonable minimum withdrawal limit to reach unlike a couple of other Ethereum faucets where the minimum withdrawal limit is at 0.1 Ether and the average claim rate is around 0.000002. It will take many months before you can withdraw.The two best Ethereum faucets that I'm currently working with have a low withdrawal limit of 0.05 Ether and the average claim rates are around 0.00001 and sometimes if you are lucky you can claim higher amounts.Below are the two best Ethereum faucets and feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you all think.

Ether faucet.net - You can claim 0.00000293 to 0.0166131 every 5 minutes and once you reach 0.05 your address will be set to auto withdraw and paid in 6 hours.

Ethereum faucet.net - You can claim 0.00000850 to 0.03 every 10 minutes and once you reach 0.05 a withdrawal button will appear for you to cash out.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

New Ethereum Faucet

Ethereum has been on the rise in the past week reaching a high of $10 per Ethereum and has so far been the best preforming Altcoin this year followed by Dogecoin.Ethereum is now second behind Bitcoin knocking Litecoin down to 3rd spot followed by Dogecoin. Below is a new Ethereum faucet which you may like to try and earn free Ether.

Ethereum faucet.net - Claim from 0.00000850 to 0.03 every 10 minutes.Withdrawal button will appear when you reach 0.05 Ether.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

More 5 Minute Bitcoin Faucets

Get your bitcoin - You can claim 200 satoshi. It’s collects on the site.And every 14 claims the amount of satoshi triples! You can request a withdrawal to Faucetbox anytime.

Jupiter Bitcoin - You can claim 100-20,000 satoshi to your Faucetbox or Xapo Wallet.

Sun Bitcoin - You can claim 100-20,000 satoshi to your FaucetBOX or Xapo Wallet.

That's all for now and I'm currently in the process of testing a few more Bitcoin and Altcoin faucets but before I list them on my blog I want to make sure they are paying first.