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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Faucets With Problem Status 

There seems to be a number of faucets which are having problems.Now I'm not sure what the issues are but I know that the faucets are not loading with a message "Server not found" which could mean the end of the faucet/s.I'll give the owner some time and hopefully they come back but if not at least you haven't lost any money just time spent clicking.Okay I'll post the faucets below which are not loading and they all seem to be from the same owner.

Satoshi City

Satoshi Country

Satoshi Sky

Ether Faucet

Ethereum Faucet

This owner also had Litecoin Faucets and Dogecoin Faucets which also may have a problem.I''m not 100% sure on this as I didn't use those faucets but if all these faucets on the list are down,I would think the Litecoin and Dogecoin faucets would be down too.

If any of you find out any information on why these faucets are down please comment below.


  1. I think they are dead! It looked like the admin lost google adsense and since then the payout claims were very low and it would take a very long time to cash out.Both ether faucets had a minimum cash out of 10 million and the average claim was around 1000 so it would take many months to cash out unless you have referals.

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