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Friday, 4 March 2016

Best Ethereum (Ether) Faucets

Best Two Ethereum Faucets

I have been testing a few Ethereum faucets and I have found two of them to be the best Ethereum faucets out there right now.Both have good claim rates and a reasonable minimum withdrawal limit to reach unlike a couple of other Ethereum faucets where the minimum withdrawal limit is at 0.1 Ether and the average claim rate is around 0.000002. It will take many months before you can withdraw.The two best Ethereum faucets that I'm currently working with have a low withdrawal limit of 0.05 Ether and the average claim rates are around 0.00001 and sometimes if you are lucky you can claim higher amounts.Below are the two best Ethereum faucets and feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you all think.

Ether faucet.net - You can claim 0.00000293 to 0.0166131 every 5 minutes and once you reach 0.05 your address will be set to auto withdraw and paid in 6 hours.

Ethereum faucet.net - You can claim 0.00000850 to 0.03 every 10 minutes and once you reach 0.05 a withdrawal button will appear for you to cash out.


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