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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Claim Rate Lowered On All Moon Faucets

Over the weekend I noticed that the claim rates for all the Moon faucets were lowered.And for me it feels like it's not even worth my time any more claiming from these faucets because the rates are too low.

MoonBitcoin was at 50 satoshi every 5 minutes and now it's around 18 satoshi which in my opinion is poor.The same is for Moonlitecoin and Moondogecoin.Even with the 100% daily loyalty bonus the claims are low.If you have a lot of referrals then it might be worth claiming every 5 minutes but for me I'll be claiming every so often and not even 5 minutes like I was before. Bitcoinzebra has also lowered it's claim rates and all I have been getting is the 10 satoshi rate every hour lol which is absolute crap!!! 10 satoshi every hour??? Comon!!!!

As you can tell I am very upset about this and what makes me even more upset is that the owner doesn't even update the members on why the claim rates have been lowered.It only takes a couple of minutes to post a message to let everyone know why the claim rates have changed and I know it's not because of the Bitcoin price or any of the other crypto coins prices as they have been steady at the current prices.Maybe it could have something to with the owners Google Adsense account but only the owner can answer this but that is my guess.

My new Strategy!

For me now I won't be claiming from these faucets every 5 minutes like I used to.I'll still claim from them as they have been good to me but I will work with other faucets that pay good satoshi rates every 5 minutes and those faucets are listed below.


Alien Faucet

Get Your Bitcoin




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