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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Faucets Not Paying Or Are Gone

A number of faucets are stopped paying or have disappeared completely over the past couple of month.I'll be listing them below.

Ethereum faucets:

etherfaucet.org  Not online and stopped paying before it went offline.

ethereumfaucet.org Same as above as it was owned by the same admin.

The admins other faucets are also gone,the Bitcoin and Litecoin faucets have all disappeared.

Satoshi city

Satoshi country

Also I'll be making a list of the faucets that have lowered there claim rates.

All the Bitcoin Aliens faucets have been lowered

Bitcoin Aliens



All the Moon faucets are lowered there claim rates




I still claim from these faucets but not as often as before as I have replaced them with higher paying faucets and they are:

5 minute timer faucets



15 minute timer faucet


I'm currently testing another 15 minute faucet to make sure it pays before posting it on here.

1 Hour timer faucets

FreeBitcoin - I give back 50% of my referral commissions.

FreeDogecoin - I also give back 50% of my ref commissions.

I'm always testing new faucets to make sure they pay and offer the best claim rates so be sure to bookmark my blog to keep up to date with the best paying Bitcoin and Altcoin faucets.


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